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  • High Speed DSL
  • Exchange Server Hosted Emails
  • WEB Hosting
  • Business E-mail Filtering
  • Remote Anti Virus Removal
  • Remote PC Tune Up
  • Remote IT Managed Services
  • Remote Tech Support






CyberWire Inc. is excited to announce our  “Remote Antivirus Removal” (R-AV) & Maintenance Programs.

There’s many reasons to choose this new  revolutionary and exciting way to help bring your infected computer back to life, all with a money back guarantee here are just a few great reasons...

  • Convenience - No need to undo all your cables and then having to remember how to put it all back together - No taking time off work to bring the computer in.
  • Risk - Since your not moving your main CPU there’s less risk of physical damage due to transportation.
  • Faster - You wont be waiting for weeks to get your computer back, typical repairs in less then 24 hours!
  • Cheaper - Reasonable prices and no need to pay ridiculous expedite fees that all too  many computer stores charge.
  • Money Back Guarantee - If we can’t remove the viruses then we give you the option for a full refund or to bring the computer in for completion.

Please click here for more information and ordering.

E-mail Services


Check your E-mail with our WEB based E-mail on the go!


We quarantine and store SPAM E-mail’s for 5 days so if your not getting some of your E-mails they may be here. Please click the “Quarantine” button to register or display quarantined E-mails


If you wish NOT to have your E-mail scanned for SPAM, Please click the remove link and send us an E-mail indicating you no longer want us to scan your E-mail. Be sure to include your E-mail Address!


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